Clearview Uterine Manipulator

Clearview Uterine Manipulator
Clearview Uterine Manipulator
Product Description

 Uterine Manipulator

Uterine Manipulator is an innovative instrument which provide a perfect visibility and complete uterine control at the time of laparoscopic procedures. It provides 120° anteversion & 90° retroversion and lateral movement; for the superior motion range of any uterine manipulator.  Its light weight and balanced design allows it to be moved into position and left and removing the need for an assistant. Its 1 cm spacer includes the knit adjusts tip length and effectively changing a 9cm tip to an 8cm tip or a 7cm tip to a 6cm tip.

Uterine Manipulator has rotating control handle that facilitates one-handed control, help the surgeon to work the uterus without breaking the sterile barrier. It has a tip balloon and a dye-injection port for effective chromotubation.

Kit contains:

  • 1-Clearview
  • 1-1cm spacer for tip length adjustment
  • 1-12ml syringe to inflate the tip balloon
  • 1-disposable sound dilator to make sure adequate dilation.

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