EBB A Complete Tamponade System

EBB A Complete Tamponade System
EBB A Complete Tamponade System
Product Description
EBB A Complete Tamponade System is an effective treatment for postpartum hemorrhage (PPH). Due to its malleable polyurethane material & patented dual-balloon design, this system conforms to the patient’s anatomy and can help remove hysterectomy. Ebb gives a full tamponade solution to the emergency of postpartum hemorrhage. Its fast-response design is an easy-to-deploy, economical solution for increasing the patient outcomes associated with PPH.

With this system you can monitor blood loss through brain to properly understand how much blood the patient has lost. Its malleable balloon material help the vaginal balloon to adjust to the patient’s anatomy better than silicone. Moreover, the  uterine balloon has a fill capacity of 750 mL  that suggest that less than 500mL is required to achieve tamponade in 45%⚹ of cases.

The vaginal balloon anchors the uterine balloon, removing the balloon expulsion while potentially treating vaginal bleeding if present.

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