Kiwi Vacuum Assisted Delivery

Kiwi Vacuum Assisted Delivery
Kiwi Vacuum Assisted Delivery
Product Description

Kiwi Vacuum Assisted Delivery system is considered to be the best whenever vacuum assistance is required during baby birth. It is made in compliance with medical standards & keeping high sensitivity of fetus in mind. This system comprises a suction cup, stem, traction force meter, and hand operated vacuum pump. It is so compact in structure that can easily be controlled by one person. Kiwi Vacuum Assisted Delivery is said to be perfect for prolonged second stage of labor, where pushing down may be dangerous due to maternal illness, & for maternal exhaustion.

The Kiwi OmniCup a complete vacuum assisted delivery device has a low profile with a handle grip for easy insertion. This assists with proper placement in fetal malpresentations. When the OmniCup is properly placed and traction is exerted in-line with the pelvic axis, mal-positions of the fetal head can be corrected.

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